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The role of leaders have changed irrevocably from the old "command-and-control" autocrats to that of skilled facilitators who are able to motivate, collaborate and engage people for optimum results. Neuroleadership infuses the latest findings from neuroscientific research and positive psychology into leadership practice to enable individuals to influence others more effectively.

SLI's flagship "Lead with the Brain in Mind" neuroleadership program (10 modules) provides established and emerging leaders with unique insight into the workings of the human brain when interacting with others. Available as a continuous 10-month program or single events, this program guides participants to understand how to strengthen their own mental resilience while vastly improving the way they lead and influence individuals and groups. Structured according to the latest findings on how we learn best, this unique program integrates solid academic input, experiential learning and practical discovery in a proven formula.

Programme Structure

The initial two-day masterclass (Module 1) provides an introduction to social neuroscience and neuroleadership. This includes individual assessments and an in-depth look at how social neuroscience can be used as guideline and framework to apply neuroleadership in practice. The nine half-day/one day workshops (module 2-10) each deal with specific practical applications of neuroleadership (module order may vary):*

  • Module 1 - Lead With the the Brain in Mind: Introduction to the Neuroscience of Leadership (2 Days).UPCOMING PUBLIC EVENT!
  • Module 2 - Motivation & Employee Engagement (1 Day).
  • Module 3 - Cultural & Diversity Competence (1 Day). 
  • Module 4 - Leading Change with the Brain in Mind (1-2 Days). 
  • Module 5 - Leading in Turbulence (1 Day). 
  • Module 6 - Creative Conflict Management (1 Day). 
  • Module 7 - Effective Communication (1 Day). 
  • Module 8 - Negotiating Agreements (1 or 2 Days). 
  • Module 9 - Decision Making & Creativity (1 Day).
  • Module 10 - Building Teams for Excellence (1 or 2 Days).
*See a summary of each module/workshop here...

Expected Outcomes

These pragrams will help current and emerging leaders to:

  • understand the emerging 21st Century leadership challenges;
  • understand the primary driving forces of the brain;
  • understand and apply brain-based influence;
  • lead people to maximize performance;
  • improve their ability to collaborate with others and work in teams;
  • improve their cultural competency and diversity management skills;
  • improve their change leadership skills;
  • follow a brain-based approach to engagement and motivation;
  • enhance their communication skills;
  • facilitate effective decision making and creativity;
  • improve their conflict management skills; and
  • manage personal stress and build leadership resilience. 

Delivery Format

  • —A two-day face-to-face workshop followed by nine (monthly) half-day/one day face-to-face workshops.
  • A selection of any of the ten modules as single face-to-face events.
  • A two-day face-to-face workshop followed by eight (monthly) virtual class workshops.

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