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Module/Workshop Summaries: "Lead with the Brain in Mind"

The "Lead with the Brain in Mind" neuroleadership program (10 modules) provides established and emerging leaders with unique insight into the workings of the human brain when interacting with others, thereby empowering them to lead and influence people more effectively. 
This unique program infuses the latest findings from neuroscientific research and positive psychology into 21st Century leadership practice. As such it integrates solid academic input, experiential learning and practical discovery in a proven formula to ensure maximum real-world value for participants. Available as a continuous 10-month program or a selection of single events, this program guides participants to understand how to strengthen their own mental resilience while vastly improving the way they lead and influence individuals and groups.

MODULE 1: Lead With the Brain in Mind

(2 Days / Maximum 25 Participants)

21st Century Leadership is an introduction to the “Lead With the Brain in Mind” program and focuses on critical leadership skills and capabilities. It combines the latest leadership– and management– theory with unique scientific insight from social neuroscience. Topics covered includes the changed role of leaders; an introduction to social neuroscience; how to deal with neuro-overload; the neuroscience of leadership; understanding and choosing between different leadership styles; leader communication; and the neuroscience of employee engagement and motivation. For more information on when this workshop is offered as a public masterclass, click here...


MODULE 2: Facilitating Engagement and Motivation 

(1 Day / Maximum 25 Participants)

Building Engagement and Motivation helps established and emerging leaders appreciate the vital importance of employee engagement and motivation. An established model and results from recent studies are used to reveal the driving forces for motivation and engagement and how this could be improved in the workplace. Special attention is given to the importance of effective communication in the motivation process. This workshop incorporates scientific insight about the workings of the human brain and participants are guided to understand how this could be applied to improve motivation and


MODULE 3: Building Cultural and Diversity Competence 

(1 Day / Maximum 25 Participants)

Cultural and Diversity Competence uses an established cultural model to help current and future leaders understand culture and its influence in the workplace. It also provides participants with unique and revelational insight into the workings of the human brain when interacting in multi-cultural and other diverse environments. They will come to understand how our perception of "in-groups" and "out-groups" trigger automated brain responses and how these can be overcome (for more information into some of these concepts please read "Your Racist Brain: The Neuroscience of Conditioned Racism"). Participants are guided to recognize how this could be applied to improve their impact and effectiveness when working with individuals and groups from different backgrounds and orientations.


MODULE 4: Leading Change with the Brain in Mind 

(1 Day / Maximum 25 Participants)

Leading Change with the Brain in Mind is aimed at helping leaders and managers who have to drive large-scale change processes or deal with constant change in the workplace, do so more effectively. It combines the latest in change leadership theory with unique scientific insight from change-related social neuroscience. Topics covered include the difference between change leadership and change management; the neuroscience of change; understanding the internal and external drivers of change; analyzing stakeholders; constructing a change plan; vision sharing and effective change communication.


MODULE 5: Leadership Resilience in Times of Turmoil 

(1 Day / Maximum 25 Participants)

Leadership Resilience in Times of Turmoil focuses on building internal resilience and helping others to do so during times of turmoil, disruptive change and uncertainty. Participants are guided to understand their own and their followers’ natural reactions to stress and how to cope with it in a constructive manner. New insight from neuroscientific research is used to help participants understand how established techniques such as personal influence, positive feedback and coaching can be used to engage and motivate employees through change, turbulence and fear.


MODULE 6: Creative Conflict Management 

(1 Day / Maximum 25 Participants)

Creative Conflict Management equips leaders and managers to deal with conflict in a constructive manner. Integrating emerging knowledge on how our brains respond to conflict, the workshop helps participants to understand the positive potential of conflict; identify their own natural conflict management style; appreciate the role of individual personalities; use an established model and process to manage conflict in a constructive manner; and understand the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EQ).


MODULE 7: Effective Leader Communication 

(1 Day / Maximum 25 Participants)

Effective Communication is without doubt the lifeblood of any successful group or organization. This workshop equips participants to communicate more effectively in order to create clarity and increase their leadership influence. Topics covered include the implications of information overload; a communication model and process; using the most effective medium; different communication styles; developing a communication strategy; and communicating during a crisis.
OPTIONAL: Group/Team/Organizational pre-workshop Communication Satisfaction Survey.


MODULE 8: Negotiating with the Brain in Mind

(1 or 2 Days / Maximum 25 Participants)

Negotiating with the Brain in Mind aims to help those involved in formal (e.g. with clients) or informal negotiations (e.g. between management and employees) reach durable and mutually satisfying agreements. The workshop provides a process to plan and executive effective negotiations and includes identifying individual negotiation styles; negotiations strategies; effective communication during negotiations; and breaking negotiation deadlock. To learn more click here... 


MODULE 9: The Neuroscience of Decision Making and Creativity

(1 Day / Maximum 25 Participants)

The Neuroscience of Decision Making and Creativity equips decision makers at all levels to understand decision making processes and to harness this insight to enable more effective and creative decision making. The workshop incorporates established decision making strategies and practice with new insight from neuroscientific research. Topics covered includes the neuroscience of decisions; individual decision making preferences; decision making pitfalls; facilitating collaborative decision making; creative thinking and using problem solving tools to find creative solutions.


MODULE 10: Brain-Minded Teams 

(1 or 2 Days / Maximum 25 Participants)

Brain-Minded Teams helps current and developing leaders understand the key success factors for high performance teams and equips them to apply this understanding in the workplace. As such it incorporates current knowledge and evidence about teamwork and  performance with new scientific data about human group interaction and functioning. Participants are encouraged to assess their own team behaviour and to develop the skills and mindsets required for excellence in empowered teams. The workshop integrates academic input, experiential learning and practical discovery in a proven formula.



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