05/05/2011 14:41

Leadership Consulting for TMA World at ArcelorMittal

Manie Bosman, CEO and primary Leadership Coach at the SLI, recently became a parttime faculty member of the internationally recognized TMA World global management development team.

TMA World  works with many of the world's most forward-thinking organizations to - as stated on the company website - "understand their aspirations and needs in order to deliver consulting, blended training and talent development solutions that inspire, transform and delight". Experts in global collaboration and teamwork, virtual working, cultural intelligence and leadership development, TMA offers top-level training sollutions to clients in fifty countries. Their clients include multinational companies such as ArcelorMittal, Nestle, Nike, Stanford University, Barclays Capital, HSBC, Hewlitt Packard, BP, IBM and many others. Making use of virtual classrooms as well as face-to-face training (depending on the need and circumstances), TMA's team of experts present seminars and workshops on topics related to management, leadership, communication, motivation, conflict management, cultural competancy, etc.. 

At this stage, Manie is mostly involved in presenting seminars in Vanderbijlpark and Newcastle for managers at ArcelorMittal South Africa. He has been enjoying this experience to the fullest not only because developing leaders is what he "loves most", but also because because of the "diversity, high potential and positive attitude" of most of the managers participating in the training. 

  • Andy Brough, SLI Associate and head of Andrew Brough Communications (http://www.andrewbrough.com/), is a longtime faculty member at TMA World, and had recently 'stepped up' to become TMA's Principal Consultant in South Africa. In practice this means that ANdy now manages and coordinates TMA's operations in the country.









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