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Consulting: To New Destinations

As organizational development specialists the Strategic Leadership Institute provide several expert consulting services. These services include making use of specialist facilitators to implement or present an existing programme or training intervention; addressing specific individual development needs; or providing professional input to address a strategic issue. Our consulting interventions are generally aimed at helping teams and organizations meet the demands of a volatile and continuously changing global environment. These interventions can be incorporated into existing leadership journeys but are also available on their own.

Future Foresight

Everyone knows it is often said that we live in a time when change is the only constant, which means that in order to stay relevant and competitive, it is no longer enough for individuals and organizations to be aware of what is happening today. We also need to anticipate what might happen tomorrow and further along in the future. The primary task of a futuring or strategic foresight exercise is not to predict the future, but to enable decision-makers not to be caught unawares by the future, but to take strategic action to help influence their most desirable future. This includes implementing informed short-term actions and strategies to prepare for long-term developments or to help cope with change and emerging challenges. To learn more click here...

Strategic Planning

Because of the rapid range at which change occurs in our time, SLI typically integrates strategic planning with a future foresight exercise. However, we also facilitate strategic planning for clients who only require help with this critical aspect of management. To learn more click here...

Communication Audit: Satisfaction Questionnaire

Communication is the lifeblood of any group or organization, and therefore clear and efficient communication is of critical importance for an organization's success. SLI's online Communication Satisfaction Questionnaire measures various important aspects of an organization's communication practices, helping you to identify strengths and possible weaknesses. The assessment is conducted online with all or selected employees participating by answering a list of questions in their own time. It is reccommended that the assessment be done as part of a full communication audit. Read more here... 

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