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Virtual Classroom

One of the state-of-the-art services SLI offers to deliver top-quality content and expert faculty to markets around the globe is the virtual classroom. There is no doubt that first prize in a development context is a face to face intervention. However when used correctly, the virtual platform offers a multitude of opportunities:

Real Time Interactivity Across Numerous Geographies

The virtual classroom enables participants to log in to a secure site with a key from any location in the world. Using a bridging line for the audio means that one can call into the conference from the convenience of a home or office setting. The SLI facilitator is then able to manage the process by sharing material through uploading the content, or through desktop sharing. Content can be distributed and accessed immediately.

Breakout Activities and Group Work

Imagine being able to set up groups of learners and then sending them into a virtual breakout e-room where they can work independently of another group. This is particularly useful for programmes such as High Performance Teams or Negotiation Excellence. Group members can be given "presenter status" and create their own summaries, lists, surveys and brainstorming sessions using the virtual whiteboard. All of the work done in the breakout e-rooms can be shared with other participants in the main e-room if so desired. 

Multiple Communication Channels

Whilst not all virtual environments cater for face to face communication or video streaming (often this is simply due to limited bandwidth rather than a software limitation), the virtual classroom allows for audio conversation and public room chat in both the main e-room and the breakout e-rooms. It also allows for direct private text messages (chats) between individual participants and/or the facilitator or leader.

Cost, Convenience and Environment

SLI’s virtual classrooms present massive savings in terms of travelling and conference costs as learners are able to participate from the convenience of the location of their choice. Virtual classrooms also reduce the carbon footprint of conferences and training, which in itself is a strong motivation to make use of this service. To conclude: SLI’s virtual classrooms are cost-effective yet highly efficient and environmentally friendly ways of presenting quality information and training in the 21st Century.

If you are interested in exploring the opportunities for management development and training in the virtual classroom, please Contact Us. Clonidine Toprol XL Topamax