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Leadership Development

Effective leadership is at the heart of every successful organization and we proudly offer a choice selection of the finest leadership development services available. Our programs combine the latest academic insights with years of experience and proven delivery methods to create leadership journeys that transform. Our associates are all top-level authorities in various leadership fields and therefore able to present definitive results in preparing and equipping current and emerging leaders for the ever-escalating challenges of effective leadership.

Helping Good Leaders Become Great Leaders

Leadership effectiveness develops over time through a continuous process of learning, development, and feedback. Existing leaders - no matter their level of experience and expertise - can therefore always improve the way they lead and influence people. To help good leaders become great leaders we offer several training seminars and workshops, as well as the option of personal coaching. Specific focal areas of leadership development programs include neuroscience of leadership, communication skills, motivating people, demands of leadership in the Information Age, conflict resolution, negotiation skills, managing different personalities (based on StrengthsFinder and/or DISC360 assessments), cultural competency and coaching others (see list at bottom of page).

Developing Emerging Leaders

If we agree that leadership is the most critical factor in determining an organization's success, how are we dealing with the possible leadership gaps in our organizations? There's little doubt that a tidal wave is coming: more than 20 per cent of Africa's population is aged between 15 and 24 years, and more than 40 per cent is under 15 years of age. This means one of the biggest challenges for sustaining your business is developing and retaining emerging leaders with the potential to meet the demands of growth and change inevitable in successful enterprises. 

While emerging leaders will profit from participating in most of the leadership training programs listed below, we also provide specialized options for identifying and developing new leaders. This includes psychometric assessments that will help identify behavioral preferences and natural strengths, enabling you to develop young leaders more effectively. 


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