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Certified for Clifton StrengthsFinder and DISC-360 assessment and coaching.


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The International Day of Trust (IDoT) is held on the 3rd of May each year, and commenced in 2010...
Recent research shows that those with the most power are most likely to behave in an unethical...
The majority of leaders rate Emotional Intelligence (EI) as the single most importantg leadership...
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We Create Leadership Journeys

In a time when continuous change has become the only constant, effective leadership is the decisive success factor. To maximise our clients' leadership capacity we do not only offer professional leadership consulting, training and coaching - we create journeys. During these journeys we provide clients with insight into the constantly changing dynamics of 21st Century leadership and help them discover how to lead with maximum impact. We believe no two clients are the same and therefore follow a tailor-fit approach, first assessing each client’s unique needs and requirements. By mapping out the journey in this way we are able to provide our clients with exactly the right services and products to help improve their ability to shape the future of their choice through effective leadership.

From Individual Strengths to Dynamic Organizations

Successful people are the core of successful organizations and therefore most of our journeys start with the individual. Using StrengthsFinder TM  and DISC360 assessments and coaching we help individuals understand what they have to offer in terms of their unique strengths and skills and how they can be the best possible versions of themselve by developing and using these. The journey then continues to teams where we again follow a strengths-based approach to help teams align individual abilities with team goals and results. The third stage of the journey is where we empower entire organizations by providing long-term leadership development programs and ongoing executive coaching where needed.

Neuroscience of Leadership

SLI embraces neuroleadership as probably the greatest single step forward in the history of leadership and organizational development and therefore incorporates neuroleadership into all our programs. Core focuses in our leadership development programs include the emerging field of neuroleadership, 21st Century leadership skills, change leadership, strategic foresight, team dynamics, conflict management, negotiation skills, employee motivation, communication skills, personal mastery and diversity management. 

Our Team

Our dynamic team - an association of some of South Africa's top leadership development, executive coaching, corporate training and cross-cultural engagement professionals - is able and eager to bring an extensive range of skills, knowledge, experience and creativity to any project or entity. With nearly two decades of international experience we are able to assist leaders and organizations to improve their ability to effectively and strategically lead and develop people for the 21st Century marketplace. We help shape the future by making leaders better, so let the journey begin!


Featured Articles

BY MANIE BOSMAN Here's PART 2 in a three-part series on leader communication efficiency titled Leadership Communication: Improve or Fade Away. PART 2: It’s a Matter of Style Communication is the lifeblood of any organization. With so much information out there emphasizing the...
BY MANIE BOSMAN During the three minutes that it will take you to read this article, you will most likely be interrupted by a telephone call, a text message or two, an incoming e-mail and perhaps someone entering your office demanding your attention for some or other urgent matter. If you’re one of...
BY MANIE BOSMAN Living in a globalized society where nearly everybody on earth can reach just about everybody else at any time and at any place, requires leaders to have the appropriate communication skills. The giant leap in global communication technology not only enables us to stay in touch...
Much had been written and said about the importance of applying strategic planning in our fast-paced and constantly changing globalized society. In this article MANIE BOSMAN proposes that in order to survive and be successful in such a dynamic environment, leaders need to go a step...
To say that mentoring is the new buzzword in business relationships would be inaccurate, as the concept has literally been with us for millennia. However, an increasing number of successful men and women - from politicians such as American president Barak Obama to businessmen such as British...
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Manie Bosman (Founder and CEO of SLI) is a leadership strategist and coach with more than 19 years of international experience. Based in Pretoria, South Africa, Manie also has extensive experience in cross-cultural interaction, public speaking, mass media and communication, strategic planning, corporate training and team development. His interests and fields of continued study include the neuroscience of leadership and future foresight. Over the years he has published numerous articles on these and other topics. Manie holds a Masters of Arts in Organizational Leadership and believes that leadership is the key determiner of success in any venture, group or organization. 


  • Neuroscience of Leadership.
  • Leadership Consulting & Coaching.
  • Cultural Competence.
  • Change Management.
  • Strengths-based Team Development.
  • Media & Communication.
  • Workshop Facilitation & Training.
  • Public Speaking.
  • Media & Communication.
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"He who influences the thought of his times, influences all the times that follow. He has made his impress on eternity."  - Hypatia (370-415 BC)

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